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There are several ways how to contribute to the development of our projects. If you have ideas on your own, you can promote your idea on our website. Promote your ideas If you want to bring your own expertise in product development, coding, design or business development to a project, you can join an existing collaboration. Join a project If you don't have the time to join active development in our projects, you can help us cover our expenses for our infrastructure and give our creative teams the opportunity to not worry about unnecessary limitations. Support the development
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Outline the basics of your idea

You have an awesome idea? Write a short description of your idea and tell us what makes your idea interesting to you. Then, send it to us and if your idea fits in our portfolio, we will list your project in our idea section.
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Call for Interest

Once your idea is listed, we will promote your idea in all our channels and visitors and contributors can show their interest in your idea. If there is enough interest of potential contributors you can start collaborating and develop a first prototype together.
A first prototype

Call for Contribution

At this stage contributions from everyone interested are welcome. Those contributions can be coding snippets, creative designs or market analyses. You, as author of the project, will most likely be the project lead. As such, you will coordinate contributions in close contact to all collaborators.
Found an interesting project?
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Join the team

Tell the project lead that you are interested in participating in the project. Use the button and indicate what expertise you can bring to the project.
Your ideas


Develop your ideas in collaboration with the project team. Your project lead will coordinate the contributions.
Your support
If you want to give the project teams all the means possible to develop their ideas, you can help us cover infrastructure expenses. You can use our button to donate any amount you would like. Those donations will be distributed among all our projects. If you want to support a specific project, please contact us!