What we are doing

We are a thinktank with people from various areas, with different strengths and expertises. Our goal is to build a network of interested, creative and communicative designers, coders and marketers. Basically a network of everyone who is interested in developing and promoting web technologies. Some of us are involved in a single project, others help out with several.

Which technologies we are using

We are constantly aiming to use the latest state-of-the art technology which is around - hardware and software alike. Whenever we see interesting frameworks and brilliant libraries, we give it a try and think about a way to implement it in our projects, or come up with a new project. It's all about having fun while going new paths. That being said most of our projects show some similarities with respect to the core frameworks. We mostly use Django based webapps, with some kind of MySQL/SQLite/PostgreSQL database, as well as a variation of Javascipt libraries to make it look beautiful.

All these strange domains

Domain names represent your websites to the public and are therefore a great way to brand your product and make it memorable and easy to find online. As most of our projects are prototypes, or in an early development phase with a focus on the coding instead of branding and marketability, the projectnames are preliminary and might change once a specific plan has been made how to best present them. That being said, we decided to use uncommonly used TLDs that are not competitively looked after but give our projects an individual touch.

You can use our project websites!

In general, you can use everything that is listed here. Some of these projects are in an advanced stage and stable others might be in a very early phase. In either case, all the projects are in development and new ideas will be implemented on a regular basis! For some of the projects, we restricted the access to volunteering testers.

Nice idea, I want to join!

Then we are looking forward to hearing from you! Drop us a message at contact (at) binaryinkstudio.com or contact as directly via this website by using the live chat or the contact form.